Bio: Hello everyone! I'm an Afrospanish student writing from Spain. Would like to comment some issues about living and growing black in this country and things I like and dislike about the country I think and live in. Come in and have a look! For further contact, send me an email to: backstoriesfromspain@rediffmail.com (mind the typo mistake, please)

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  1. Hello, I’m a Black/African-American male considering the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain for a study abroad program. I’ve taken 6 years of Spanish, have many friends from Central and South America. I’ve heard stories of Black women being perceived as prostitutes and being treated accordingly. I’m quite hesitant on going as it’s not a major city like Madrid, Barcelona. Should I be concerned? Are there places in Spain that are unwelcoming of people with darker skin? I shouldn’t be asking these questions but you know…

    • Hello there!

      You are the second African-American that asks me this kind of question. And my response is the same: you are very welcomed to Spain. There are more than 1 million people of Africant descent here, including myself, and most of us live in safety. Spanish people are very pacific in general, the possibility that your life would be in danger here are very low. There very small grups of neonazis here, but there are very few. Most of people don’t even look at you, because you will be just another black guy in their country. And once they notice that you are from the US, they will treat you even better (sadly, there is classicism, in this case in your behalf).

      I know personally the city of Santander, where I spend lot of times normally. It’s a small city of 300.000 inhabitants, very beauiful, by the sea, with a normal student community. It’s a big choice if you come to study and have smooth life, I mean, there are not massive parties like Madrid, but everything is just in the middle. And if you want more, you may just go to Bilbao, a bigger city with more openminded people with a bigger black population. Nevertheless, it rains a lot, be aware of that…

      I would recommend you yo come. The University is good enough, above the national average, and well connected to the rest of Spain. Welcome, and I am also very close.

  2. As an African American who is soon to immigrate to your beloved country,I find your experiences invaluable. I am married to Spaniard,and I have been to Spain in many occasions;however, there are times when I think living in Spain is going to be beautiful ugly challenge,since Spain is a homogeneous society. I am one who appreciates cultural exchanges,but I’m definitely aware through my experiences in Spain as an African American that I’ll encounter some uninformed criters that are mentally deficient and also culturally insensitive. Trust me I have had my experiences,but it’s the normalization that I foresee as continuous problem when confronting such thought provoking issues. However, I would state that overall I have 90% enjoyed Spain,but that is as a visitor for my summers in Spain,so I ponder,I wonder how is would be upon me immigrating to Spain as minority and as a transnational from North America with African roots?

    • Dear Drew, thanks for stopping by.

      I think I have already sent you a response, but in case I didn’t, just one word: Welcome! I understand your concerns and questions, but, to be honest, people are nice and warm in general. They may be surprised to hear that you are Amerincan, as they would firt think of you as African. And as a professional, some will raise their eybrows, but only that. At the end of the day, it all depends on your behaviour and social skills. Bienvenida!

  3. Hi there! do you have an email or other mode of communication that we can converse with? Soy una estudiante en los E.E.U.U. y estoy tomando uno class sobre temas actuales en Espana. El tema que yo quiero aprender es la influencia de los Africanos en la cultura de la Espana moderna. Puede ayudarme?

  4. Hi,
    I would like to reach you by e-mail, and have sent a previous post but don’t know whether you got it. I’m planning to open an office in Spain for mu tourism business located in Johannesburg about a year from now, and find it difficult to get black business networks on the internet. Please contact me on my e-mail address as I would also like to communicate with via e-mail.

    • Hi Phoenix666,
      I haven’t received your email. Try again or find another way.
      Good luck with your goals and endeavours.

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