Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année!

I hope that this year has been good enough for you and that you have made the full of it. If not, you have another opportunity, we all have because we are alive. Yet, being alive currently means both to be blessed and at constant risk. I say this for many reasons I will confess later on.

I have decided that from year 2016 this blog will be bilingual (Spanish and English). The reason is that I think the matter I talk about here may also be interesting from Latin American. Those African descents  from Afroargentinos,uruguayos, paraguayos, peruanos, ecuatorianos, colombianos, venezolanos, salvadoreños, costarricenses and all other Central American and Carribean countries where we find the most of them. Even afrobrazilian, though they might not understand well Spanish. I hope that English helps here. I am learning Portuguese, promise. To all of you, know that I think of you and wish you the very best in your lives. I know that most of times it’s not easy, but we shall always look at the future and choose our fights and planify our lives.


This being said, I explain why I think we are lucky yet cursed. I am sad. I have cried many times while reading and watching documentaries. Reasons: most of African descents across the world do not live in the best conditions. These I have being doing research, I learned the poverty has only being reduced 26% in the Sub-Saharan Africa, the last of all devoloping continents. Looking from Spain, hundred of Afican youngsters died in the Mediterranean sea each year, between the Magreb and the coast of Spain and Italy, mainly. Slavery is yet to be effective and real in Mauritania. Black and dark skin people are being killed by police officers in Brazil, where this population were denied its share of the country’s wealth after they were freed. However, former masters were reparated with State money and passed the wealth to their European-looking children. Today they enjoy some affirmative action in access to education, but are widely mistreated by police officers, for whom their lives do not matter enough.

I am specially sad because of the situation in the US. I have seen the videos of the several shooting and it’s just troubling. The more I watch them the more I feel myself in danger in this country in which it seems that black lives mean nothing before a police officer. There is a climate of corporative cover up amongst them, it seems. I am sad that this is happening in such a beautiful country with the whole world reprensented in it. It could be a mirror for the world. This tens of gunshots are just and abomination. Today I read and watched about the kid Tamir. A 12-year-old kid! No words. Yet, what saddens me the most is the cynical comments on the media outlets. I have read people say that all black kids and their family must die….

I wonder how long is the black population going to refrain theirself. I wonder how do black police officers feel about this climate. I wonder how does President Obama feel about this? Is it true that he can’t do anything to protect his fellow citizens? Something must certainly be done. This impunity is too ominous and too terrifying to be ignored.

Because we are alive and because we can always try better for us and our children. For that I am thankful.


Happy New year to all of you. This year, as a genuine immigrant for the first time, I will experience this time alone. With my book. Crying and hoping for the world to be a better place. And more determined than ever to be part of the betterment.


Feliz Año Nuevo.




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