Madrid: New city, more opportunities?

Hi there, dear friends!

It has been ages since the last time I shared words with you. Yes, I know. I should write more…

How are you doing over there? Well, I’m sure you are doing really good. On my side, I cannot complain. The last time I told you about my doubts on whether to pursue my Masters in International studies or to get a Postgraduate in Secondary Education. Well, after a year working occasionally as a freelance translator and as a shop assistant in my small northern city in order to save enough money, I have eventually moved to Madrid. I am doing the second option, so you will soon have a certified teacher (hopefully in July 2015). After that I plan to move to an English-speaking country to improve my English proficiency.

Meanwhile, I keep on working as a spontaneous translator. But that’s not what I was looking for. I need a proper and steady job. I have sent hundreds of CV throughout this last year, since I graduated in July 2013. I have been unlucky, even for jobs I was overqualified for. I am quite an optimistic guy, I admit I have been lucky until now. I always got my goals in school, and then at University. I knew my fate depended on me. If I studied I would pass. However, I have become suspicious recently. Life is not that much on my hand. There is that feeling that I got my CV rejected because of non rational reasons, that feeling that I will have to pave a harder pathway to reach my goals. If you know what I mean. But it’s just a feeling and I am determined to find my way sooner or later. Even if I have to leave the country.

So, with this bitter feeling in my mouth, I decided to move to the capital city of Madrid to search for new job opportunities. Meanwhile, I take the masters 3 days a week and give some French lessons at a Language Academy. I keep on sending CVs and trying to be hopeful. I need your good vibes, people. If you heard of someting worthy…

By the way, there are lots of black people in Madrid. I have met 2 African-Americans friends, and I cannot avoid thinking about the new book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the much awarded Nigerian writer. (Yes, I did not say black Americans, because I am starting to understand the complexity of the topic… so I respect their feelings.)

See you soon.