Hi there, people!

I am happy to let you know that I am alive, yeah. Life has not treated me very well lately, but I am alive and happy. Imagen

After I graduated and came back home, I have been looking for a proper job as a professional translator and/or journalist. I had around 5 job interviews to work in Spain, and other 3-4 for India and China. I was offered a job as a journalist in Madrid, but very low-paid, so I refused. The same reason why I also refused to work in India, even if accomodation and living costs were included. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been work in shop close to my house, the same place I used to work to pay my university tuition fees. In one word, a work for which I am ovequalified. I got a bit depressed, but life keeps rolling, so I’ve got to stand up and walk. 



So far, I have decided to apply for a Master’s course in Madrid or Barcelona the next year. Still not sure wether to choose a get the Qualified Teacher Status, to enroll in a Marketing degree as  my bachelor in communication allows me to, specialise in Medical/ Literary translation or to study Internation Relations in order to work at an international corporate level. Still not sure… 


What do you think, guys? Too hard. I need some advice. 


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